I live with my family in southwestern Ontario, Canada. I followed a professional career as an Accountant and Business Manager until 2012. Now I’m retired and thrilled to be able to write full-time. It is my intention to publish traditionally and have queried publishers in Canada, the US, and Britain.

I write contemporary and literary fiction, mystery/thriller, paranormal thriller, and contemporary fiction. Using my organizational skills, I treat my writing as a business, and work hard to produce an enjoyable product. I love weaving unique and emotional characters into complex and logical plots. The results are interesting fictional stories in diverse settings.

Thank you so much  for dropping in.

Please check out my blogs under the heading above “My Thoughts”. They include news, writing tips, personal opinions, and a some fun ideas.

The “Short Stories” heading takes you to several short stories. All very different genres. They affirm my ability to write various styles and provide emotional connection with readers.

Under the “Scarecrows” heading is extensive information on my novella published by Samhain Publishing, Ltd., in Cincinnati, OH.  “Scarecrows”, released May 5, 2015, and was well received and reviewed. It was included in the”Childhood Fears” Anthology.

Unfortunately Samhain Publishing has closed its business effective February 28, 2017. My e-book SCARECROWS will not available for purchase at this time. I will receive the rights back shortly, and will have the book published again as quickly as possible in both e-book and for the first time in print copies. I’m not sure how long that will take to happen.

In the meantime “Childhood Fears” which contains “Scarecrows” and 3 horror/thriller books by other exceptional authors can be still be purchased  at on-line book sellers, where the print book is still available from their stock.

I’ve renamed my contemporary fiction novel, “The Photographer’s Legacy” and am editing and doing some re-writing. I’ve learned much about the craft in the past two years, and hope to upgrade this first effort. It will now be titled “Invisible Tracks – The Photographer’s Legacy”.  My horror novella “Scarecrows” was so much fun, I’ve completed a paranormal thriller titled “The Artist” and should ready sending queries out very shortly.

My apologies for missing much of the action the last few months. I’m now a cancer survivor (diagnosed September 2016). Two surgeries removed the tumors, but I’m currently receiving chemotherapy to increase my odds against new tumors. I’m able to write in the time available, and have concentrated my efforts on a new mystery/thriller novel, I think it’s exceptional and feel the characters will be very memorable. I’m hoping to resume my blogs and other social media activity shortly. I think this experience has given me a better and more positive insight into both myself and the world around me.

Thank you for visiting my page. Take your time and have a look around. Feel free to leave comments on any page or posting. I would love to hear what you think of my work.

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10 Responses to Home

  1. I think this is wonderful, Christine. Shared the link and definitely following. Keep writing, I’m guessing you have a lot to share.

  2. arielpakizer says:

    I love writing too! I’ve been an avid reader and writer since I was ten years old! Isn’t it just wonderful? I love watching a blank page become a story and characters through your fingertips! Keep on writing!

  3. Always great to connect with another happy writer. On FB? Send your link and we can connect there. Thanks for the wonderful comments.

  4. Found your blog and enjoy your writing! Good luck with the novel! All best.

  5. terzahcain says:

    Thanks for following and I wish you the most joy and success in whatever way you define it on this, your writing adventure!

  6. Judy Hye says:

    Hi Christine, I got your contact information through collector point plates. I am interested in some of your plates collections. Would you let me know if they are still available.

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