Writing in Color

The LeafI‘m a writer and also dabble in other various craft-type activities. I have a strong belief we all need to express ourselves through creativity in order to achieve true satisfaction in our lives. Nothing matches that special feeling when a project or story comes together.

For those of us bitten by the writing bug, it is near impossible to imagine life without the ability to put our thoughts, ideas, and stories into words and onto the page. This simple act of using language to articulate the inner workings of our mind and heart serves to free the former and to ground the latter. Writing is both our wings and our roots.

I believe that the world would be a better place if more people would write.

Stone Fort - SpainPeople, everyday people, should write about their days and their dreams, about their hopes and their fears, about their families and their histories and their possible futures. They should write lists and poems, and wild ramblings. They should tell stories, wonderful, improbable, made-up stories of castles and wizards. They should dig and claw their way into that place inside where the stories live, and pull them out like blunt-edged gems. They should write lies that are true and truths that uncover lies. They should weave secrets into  the words, and then give those secrets gladly to the world.

I don’t mean writing professionally or even publicly. I mean that the world would be a better place if more people took the time to simply slow down and put into words how they are feeling, what they are experiencing, and why. We move too fast most of the time. We fly through our days and collapse into our oblivious nights. We live our lives in the context of other people’s stories, hardly giving a thought to our own. Maybe we need to stop and smell the proverbial roses, or maybe just write about them.

wild flowersIt is all too easy for a lifetime to slip by unquestioned. We grasp the questions and through writing understand them more fully. We break each question open and it invites us to explore. The process of writing; the digging in, the discovery, the meandering and wondering, the finding of the right words, the connecting of ideas and generating of more questions, makes it impossible for any question to be answered in simple black and white terms. The process of writing introduces all the grays that live behind a question, as well as every beautiful, brilliant color of life.

Picasso meaning of lifeTo write is a uniquely human skill that gives us the ability to transcend time and space, break the boundaries of reality, and understand the nature of life. It connects us to others, and to the world around us. It is a powerful tool of self-discovery, communication, and self-expression.

We all need powerful tools to cope with this changing world. Maybe writing is the solution to our stress; the light at the end of that tunnel.


The post includes excerpts from “Imagine a World of Writers” posted April 11, 2015 by Jamie Wallace (Suddenly Jamie).


3 Responses to Writing in Color

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  2. I would settle for more people reading. Nothing upsets me more than every time I hear people say they don’t read!

    • I absolutely agree. I wish everyone enjoyed reading – I think we would live in a more peaceful and relaxed world. Maybe if they wrote something – they would read something. But that’s probably wishful thinking.

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