What Can I Say – Life is Busy…

Walking the Road

It’s been a while since I’ve had a chance to post an update. I promise to keep everyone better informed of my adventures. I’ve been writing and writing and writing. Several new and exciting projects are in the works. A special preview page for the soon-to-be-published horror novella “Scarecrows” will be up on my website, hopefully by the end of January.


As most of you already know, I signed a contract with Samhain Publishing Ltd in October for the publication of the novella. The release date is May 5, 2015. I’ll let everyone know the details of the launch party once they’re in place. I’m very excited to be working with an experienced and impressive editor and the wonderful staff at Samhain. They’re talented people and have been supportive and helpful in every way.

I’m still working on my contemporary fiction novel. I outlined the second and third novels in that series. The first book is still in the editing stage. The second is falling into place nicely as I begin writing the draft. The third will remain in the outline stage for now.

Why I writeTwo short stories are finished, and I’m currently working on a third. All are contest entries and if selected will allow me to be published in different literary magazines and anthologies. Of course, I won’t know the contest results for months, but I’ll keep everyone updated. I have also started another horror story. I’m not sure about the length – it could be a novella or could grow into a real novel. The outline is in place and I thought it would be 30K to 40K words. It’s becoming more involved as I let my imagination make a few unplanned additions to the storyline. It will depend on whether they survive editing.

I’ve also found “my people” – writers’ groups, friends, family, and fellow authors. This network of terrific people is helping me succeed. They’re doing manuscript assessments, beta reads, and proofreading my various projects. I’m so grateful and feel very fortunate to have such competent and honest critics on my side. I believe they will be my key to successful writing.

Following the basic business principles I learned in accounting classes many years ago, I put together a comprehensive professional business plan. A great imagination and good language skills allow me to do some decent writing. My critics do a great job and their honesty ensures I produce a quality product. Add the time needed and energy required for those long hours of hard work, and my writing gets better and better.

What doesn't kill usI’ve learned a professional writer can’t just write whatever and whenever he wants. Emotions and ego have no place in this profession. Advancing my skills means I can effectively write what is marketable. Chopping unnecessary and pointless words and phrases means clean efficient prose. Setting and meeting my own deadlines keeps me productive. Taking every new idea and letting it roll around in my mind can provide me with the backbone of an amazing story. By the way – thank you to all the people who have given me those great suggestions.

After all, writing is all about telling a great story…

Happy New Year to all my writer and reader friends – I believe 2015 will bring many wonderful and valuable changes to our current literary community.


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