Beach photoRivers are ever flowing and constantly changing. Every new experience shapes us and makes us a different person. Change transforms us. It allows true metamorphosis. “No man ever steps in the same river twice, for it’s not the same river and he’s not the same man.” (author unknown)

Have you ever attended a high school reunion?  The shy and unassuming wallflower has blossomed into a spectacular head turner. The Average Joe now radiates spectacular success. The quarterback, who had it all in high school, never changed a thing. He lives in the same hometown, has the same friends, and re-lives the same glory days over and over again.

Yet, it’s the wallflower or the Average Joe and Jane who will hear “You’ve really changed!” Maybe, just maybe, the response to that remark should be “You’ve haven’t changed enough.”

Change is essential for our growth and development. Without it, we will stay just the way we are and will continue to do things the way we always have done them. For some, that may seem like a good thing. For others, it’s frightening and makes them feel stuck and dissatisfied.

Be a warrior

Growth can only come from change. Change is not for the weak in spirit. It takes more courage to create positive change than it does to remain the same. It also takes time. Change takes us out of our normal routines and comfort zones and forces us to dip our toe into uncharted waters. The well of transformation lies in that uncharted territory. You’ll feel uncertain and insecure. Despite being slow, frustrating, and filled with struggles and disappointments, change can be one of the most rewarding things you’ll ever accomplish.

It feels good to be competent, accepted and to have control on our terms. These same things, however, become barriers to  change. They hold us hostage in a comfort zone. Breaking the barricades to enter uncharted territory is important. How many times have you avoided change because one or more of the following stopped you:

1. Habits – Some habits produce continually poor results. It’s time to kick them out of our lives.

2. Baggage –from your past that holds you back needs to go as well.

3. Environment –Don’t surround yourself with people who hold you back. Surround yourself with people who are supportive, encourage change, and help you strive toward your goals.

4. Emotions – Fear, resentment, unhappiness, and frustration are negative emotions and substantial barriers to change. Eliminate the old negatives and create new positives that support the changes you want to make.

SKY DIVINGEvery time you go through a new experience or learn a new skill, you become smarter. Adapting to new ideas helps you become fluid and reminds us of the many possibilities available to us. When you begin to see new portals and new adventures, you also see the future in an exciting new way.

Remember, keep on changing and growing. If you stop changing, imagine all the wonderful growth you’ll miss.


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