This article contains NO political campaigning

Misty Morning (2)I am not a political person and have no association with any political party. In my younger years, I followed my parents lead and voted for their “party”, but as I got older I realized, regardless of how I voted, nothing ever really changed, and I quit voting.

The government taxed me, and in turn provided welfare, health care, roads, etc. Over the years, I have listened to many special interest groups, from war protesters to environmentalists, and watched as the government got involved with moral issues and basic rights. They haggled over women rights, labour laws, workplace safety, and child protection to name only a few. Despite the heated rhetoric that accompanied many of these issues, I found in the long-run a balanced and logical solution grounded our nation and overall the fair and, in my opinion, correct result prevailed. I have always felt confident my government would do the right thing.

With every election, the same thing happens. We the good people of Canada listen to the endless campaigning by each party designed to push us into some weird mob mentality that votes – whether intelligently or blindly is not relevant. Deluged by twisted facts, mud-slinging, warped numbers and personal attacks, we’re supposed to rally behind specific individuals (or their party), all claiming to be capable of leading our nation out of our current sinkhole or preventing our nation from repeating past regrets. We’re heard all the promises, even the financial ones that defy the laws of math. We’ve seen the current government spending money over the past few months to make us love them (like every past government has done). We even witnessed the dredging up of any and all past political blunders – lest we forget. Blah…blah…blah…

Canadians are not stupid and we all know what this is about. These politicians obviously want to get or keep the government jobs. Who can blame them? It’s a great position with short hours, great pay, multiple perks, and of course, the pension and health plan is simply amazing.

Think about our own job interviews. Putting a positive spin on some things, downplaying others, and exaggerating our abilities and experience just a little to prove we’re worthy. Probably if we thought it would work, we might have discredited our competition. I’ve over-simplified here to make a point. Campaign rhetoric tends toward this direction.

As for the real issues, Google and I are now on a first name basis and I asked the big “G” to give me some information on local candidates. I also asked for the various party platforms and checked on my own “pet” issues. I’m going to vote this time because I believe one party does support various things I feel are in need of attention.

Promote what you love (2)I’ve seen the signs headed “ABC”. We all know what it stands for. Unless you truly believe this is what you have to do – please do not vote from a strictly negative perspective. You need to know who or what you are voting into office. Please take the time to decide based on the available data (Google can help). Use your own instincts and vote for who you believe will be the best person for the job.

Why am I discussing the current Canadian election only days before the vote?

northern lightsI’m hoping Canadians who read this, take just a moment before election day. I babysit my grandson and today we watched Guy Smiley hosting a game on Sesame Street called “Calm Down and Think”. It seemed a very appropriate approach to this upcoming election. It’s very simple – you take deep breaths until you CALM DOWN. Then use your invisible binoculars (make a circle with the thumb and first finger on each hand and hold your hands up to your eyes) to take a very close look at what is in front of you and THINK. Once you see everything clearly and think about what you want and need, your decision becomes easy.

WE ARE CANADIAN! We’re too intelligent to fall for political nonsense and half-truths – let’s vote based on the stuff that really matters to us.




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  2. sharonledwith says:

    Great post, Christine! I’ve already voted! I’m thinking I should watch Sesame Street more often to receive great advice! Happy voting!

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