Image via This is an update of the Samhain Publishing Ltd survival drama. The intrigue began earlier this year when Dan D’Auria, their well-respected horror editor, suddenly went missing. The decisions have been flip-flooping for months (close, stay open, downsize, etc.) Hopefully this ongoing drama ends now.

Over the summer, I corresponded directly with Samhain president, Cris. In several previous blogs, I tracked the progress of the company – first they were closing, then they downsized, and, in the end, they decided to stay open.

I completed the first draft of my new horror novel, and began the editing process. I planned to submit the novel to Samhain once I had a clean edited manuscript. Knowing I had written a new novel, Cris requested I send it as soon as it was ready, along with any short stories or novellas I had available. With the chaos of moving this summer, my editing fell behind, and I never sent anything. She led me to believe everything was great with Samhain, and she would be thrilled to publish my work.

Yeah … right …

August 31, I get an email that reads “… With Samhain going forward as a romance only publishing house …” WTF? First time I heard anything about them going Romance only.

I requested clarification as to the fate of the Horror Line. I got back “… I thought it had been announced. I remember writing the words, but I’m not finding the newsletter. Maybe it didn’t go …”

slap-stupid-peopleThe conclusion amounted to this. Samhain decided to go forward with their romance/erotica line and DROP THE HORROR LINE. They are releasing all of their horror authors, and reverting the rights for their work, back to them, after the first of the year. The books go out of print December 31, 2016. They are breaching existing contracts, but apparently, no one cares anymore. No one wants to work with someone who can’t make be trusted.

Seriously, here I am cheerleading for Samhain, and planning new submissions to them, while they’re secretly planning to set me adrift and kill my book. This unprofessional and rather underhanded publisher landed a full-face sucker punch on me, and then couldn’t coherently explain herself. Very classy! (For the record – I have deleted MOST of the sarcasm and bitter comments from this post. Angry filler accomplishes nothing)

Is there an upside? Of course – there always is.

My research back in 2014, showed Samhain to be a medium sized publisher with a good reputation. I know now, that much of their rep was attributable to the outstanding and respected horror editor, Don D’Auria. I’m published, and my novella has sold reasonably well. I no longer doubt my abilities. I know now, there are definite advantages to being published traditionally. I had the privilege of working with Don, a top notch editor, and my future editors will need to have solid experience, and excellent reputations. Most of all I’ve learned a lot about myself, and what I want for me and my work.

anyone-you-want-to-beBy early next year, I will have the rights to “Scarecrows” back. The sales are quite good, the 40+ consumer reviews from various sites are honest, and give the book good ratings overall. I want to keep it out there, but it will be in limbo for a little while, until I make other arrangements. I will definitely be querying agents and publishers, once my rights revert. I already contacted local publishers, and there is interest in my novella. Hopefully, it won’t be off the market for very long.


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I do have print copies of the Anthology “CHILDHOOD FEARS” and digital copies of “SCARECROWS” if anyone is interested and/or missed purchasing from the regular sites. You can now find it on Amazon here, B&N here, and other book retailers.

Scarecrows Cover - LGCover Final

THANK YOU so much to all my family, friends, and followers, for your continued support. I promise to keep writing, and should have new work out very shortly.

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At the Book Expo

Christine Hayton is a Canadian author, living in Southern Ontario. She writes novels, short stories, and novellas in horror, romance, and mainstream genres, as well as literary fiction.

Scarecrows” a horror novella by Christine, published by Samhain Publishing Ltd, is available in e-book:

The Anthology “Childhood Fears” contains “Scarecrows” and three more horror stories by award winning authors, is available in e-book and paper back:

Both are available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and other on-line book sellers.

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  2. Sorry to hear you went through all that, Christine. Sounds like something that could easily derail a planned book. Good to see you are going forward with your writing! Good luck finding that next great editor!

    • Not much derails me when it comes to writing. I must admit seeking a new publisher is a bit daunting, but I’m confident it will all work out. As for a great editor – I would have to go a long way to find better than Don D’Auria, but I will do my homework and hopefully find someone close. Thank you for your kind words.

  3. Henry Martin says:

    Sad to read this, Christine. I’ve had a similar experience with a Canadian publisher back in 2007, and could not find anyone interested in doing a second edition release “since the first one did not sell a million copies” (as US publishers and agents I queried had put it). I wish you luck with all of this, and hope to read more of your writing when it comes out.

  4. sharonledwith says:

    Glad to hear you’ll be back in the writing saddle soon, Christine. Love how you’ve put a positive spin on this whole Samhain debacle, and plan on moving onward and upward. Cheers and all the best in 2017!

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