Samhain Publishing has avoided the plunge into economic oblivion. Yes! Yes! Yes! – A smart and perceptive superhero has saved the day.


Samhain’s own devoted president, dressed in her finest mask and cape (or perhaps – tissues and blankie – she’s had the flu alot this winter), has made the choices and decisions required, to bring her publishing company back from the brink of disaster.


A downsized and trimmer Samhain is superhero-girlsagain prepared to take on the challenges of the current literary markets. It’s ready to resume its proper place as an outstanding publisher of Romance and Horror. Changes and cuts across the board made the difference, and transformed Samhain into a mean, lean publishing machine. The efforts to decrease costs, and fine-tune promotions on the current titles, provided a new hope, and positive outlook for the company’s future.

Snoopy hard workFor existing and prospective authors, the good news is the opening of submissions to Samhain this fall.

I have enjoyed an open and honest relationship with the staff – a group of friendly, understanding, and very accommodating professionals.  I know my books never suffered as a result of the turmoil of the past few months. Samhain Publishing Ltd is definitely one of the good guys! The best part is you don’t need an agent to submit your manuscript.


My new paranormal/thriller/horror/romance novel is still undergoing serious editing (I wonder why). I will be submitting it to Samhain in the next few months. I’ll post a sneak preview shortly. Hopefully, it’s a keeper…

Scarecrows Cover - LG

My novella “Scarecrows” is available in e-book in all the usual sales outlets.

SCARECROWS: The e-book is available on Amazon (here ) and other e-book sellers.  If you do not have an e-reader, Amazon will provide a free Kindle app for your device. Additional reviews for “Scarecrows” are on Goodreads. (here)


Cover FinalThe Anthology “Childhood Fears” is out in both e-book and print. Four original novellas that will haunt your dreams. Two of my co-authors JG Faherty and L.L. Soares (Bram Stoker winner) are prolific writers of all things horror and are constant nominees of Bram Stocker Awards – both nominated again in 2016.

CHILDHOOD FEARS is available through Amazon (here) and other online book sellers and should grace the shelves of your local book stores shortly. If you haven’t read it yet – this is great stuff, and well worth adding to your summer reading list. If you have any difficulty obtaining print copies of the Anthology, please let me know. Additional reviews for “Scarecrows” are on Goodreads. (here)

Have a wonderful summer and thank you for your continued support.



Christine Hayton is a published Canadian author, living in Southern Ontario. Christine writes novels, short stories, and novellas in horror, romance, and mainstream genres and literary fiction. Follow her on Social Media or contact her by email: 

Website –    

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Twitter – @christinehayto1

Pinterest – chayton1661

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Contact her by email at:













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  2. sharonledwith says:

    So happy to hear this great news, Christine! There’s always a silver lining to be found! Best wishes on your present and future books, my friend!

  3. Christian Laforet says:

    Very good news!

    • Thank you Christian. I have a new found respect for this company and I’m thrilled they are going forward. During bad times the president took the time to keep her authors updated and informed – something many publishers would have never done.

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