Be a warriorSAMHAIN PUBLISHING, LTD., my publisher, emailed all their authors Friday afternoon, Feb 26th, 2016 and explained their intention to shut down once they fulfilled their current commitments. Lack of sales forced this decision. Given the plan outlined by Samhain’s president, my best guess would be several months before final shut-down.

Despite their stable of extremely talented authors, experienced editors, exceptional artists, and quality production and marketing staff, without sales there is no survival.

I love working with all the gifted people from Samhain and hope our friendships will continue as we forge new paths. These top-notch professionals are sure to find new places in the industry and I wish everyone all the best. Those authors intending to stay with traditional publishing, myself included, will put their work out on the block again, and hope they find another great place to publish – although Samhain will be a very hard act to follow. Over the next month or two, I will be completing two new novels. I hope to find homes for them quickly, but time will tell.

Let me extend a huge THANK YOU to all my supporters. “SCARECROWS” did great and I was thrilled to have so many read and review my work. I’m currently making new arrangements to keep it available.

ScarecrowsSamhain, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Google will have the e-books “SCARECROWS” and “CHILDHOOD FEARS”, and the print book for “Childhood Fears” available for a while longer.

OKAY PEOPLE – IT’S TIME to buy those books you’ve been wanting. All of the Samhain publications are still available, but don’t wait too long. Once the closure happens, the books will disappear. Some authors will make other arrangements, while some books, especially the Anthologies, will disappear forever. FYI – Prices are great right now!!

Take advantage of Samhain’s “Leap Year Sale” – 40% off all e-books, all day February 29th:

Be sure to order those print books you’ve been wanting before they sell out.
If you run into any problems ordering any books, please contact me directly.  I’ll do whatever I can to help.

Thanks again to all the Samhain staff for an amazing experience. I learned so much from you. Good Luck to all of the amazing authors. I’m humbled to be counted among you.

Image via "The Terminator."My very best wishes to EVERYONE for much future success. I hope that we’ll cross paths again very soon.

No worries. To paraphrase Arnold, “We’ll be back…”






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  2. That’s bad news Christine. You seem to have the right attitude thought. Good luck!

    • Just all part of the journey. Nobody said it would be easy – only that it would be worth it. Its been a wonderful experience, I learned a lot, met some wonderful new friends, and I feel I’m on my way. Thanks for your support.

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