LIfe Experience (2)If you read my blog last Sunday (here), you heard the devastating news Samhain Publishing Ltd, my publisher, was closing down due to lack of sales. Well, it seems that things have changed – MAYBE ???

We Samhain authors got another email the following Monday afternoon, telling us to go into a holding pattern, because something had happened. Something so spectacular it set our president to dancing on her desk. We’ve been told, she’ll get back to us. We don’t know when that will happen.

What happened? No one knows. It’s that business, “behind-closed-doors”, thing that’s all secret and confidential.

choc and 6 millionThe Samhain authors, naturally imaginative, and with a strong tendency to over-react, are speculating, worrying, and generally giving themselves headaches, and maybe even a few ulcers.

Patience my friends—I’m sure she will tell us what’s going on very soon. There is no reason to think, she’s cleaning out the bank accounts on her way to Costa Rica. (Now that’s speculation – see I can act like a writer)

Given it’s been a few days now and we’ve heard nothing, I have to assume some kind of deal is being scratched out behind those closed doors. Lack of contact from our president can only mean things are still going along smoothly, and no one has left the table yet. YEAH!!

I hope we’ll hear from Madame President soon if only so the Samhain writing brotherhood can breathe normally again.

As for my readers – two things…

1. I would strongly suggest you scoop those Samhain titles (especially my “Scarecrows” and “Childhood Fears”) before anyone ups the prices, or they go out of print. All the Samhain titles are here on the Samhain site and include Horror, Romance/Erotica, and Retro-romance. They can also still be purchased from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Google, Etc.

2. I promise I’ll keep you posted on any new developments in Samhain land. Thanks again for all your continued support.


4 Responses to SAMHAIN IS CLOSING … NO … WAIT!

  1. sharonledwith says:

    Hope all goes well with the negotiations, Christine! All the best for you and all the other Samhain authors!

  2. I hope it ends up as good news! Samhain closing is bad for everyone, not just the authors associated with them.

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