Crazy catYes – I’ve finally arrived – I have my own cyber stalker. This week I received numerous and multiple threats on my website and on social media from an author claiming I was slandering him because of how I handled his books online.

This author has threatened litigation. He has tried to add questions to my author profile, and sent rude and threatening comments through my website and social media.

I know I can be outspoken, but I’ve never been afraid to voice my concerns.  I have no toleration for authors who deliberately mislead readers, and I have spoken out on that subject numerous times. No amount of bullying will change how I comment on these issues.

I will not waste any more time on this. I have blacklisted him on my website, and blocked him on social media sites. I also reported his threats.

If you are being threatened, or stalked in any way, by anyone online, it is important to know how to protect yourself. There can be a real danger involved. A few important steps to follow:

1. Do NOT respond.
2. Take screens shots of all the comments you’ve received.
3. Go through the sites used, and report the stalker to the site authorities.
4. Blacklist or block the offender whenever possible.
5. Review your various profiles and ensure you aren’t providing too much information.
6. Ensure you have the ability to monitor/remove comments or questions.
7. If you can identify your stalker and you feel physically threatened, file a report with your local police.

Kristen Lamb wrote an excellent article on the subject:


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