My Adventure

My desk

I am in the process of writing a book. This is actually my second attempt at it. The first was lost in a catastrophic frying of the hard drive several years ago. So in this world of paperless computing – I keep one hard copy of the book (I print once a month only – gotta save those trees) and numerous backups on flash drives and external hard drives.

It has been quite an adventure putting this book together. Ten months in and I have extensive scene, structure and historical research. Timelines – so dates and times are accurate. There is a full outline showing the story progression. There are multiple plot descriptions and their timelines. There is a list of all the main characters with emotional traits, names, birthdates, and full physical description. There is also a list of casual characters used to bring out emotion and feelings in main characters. (I wonder if John Grisham or Steven King are this organized…)

I did a major renovation to the opening chapters. It has been bothering me for some time. I needed an opening that gave the reader the needed history, but didn’t cause drowsiness. The answer finally hit home and I dropped everything to spend numerous hours writing a new opening chapter and devising the plan for the new Chapter 2. The other ten chapters will be revised and renumbered. I will share parts of the book as they are finalized but there’s a long way to go. The short story “The Solution” is actually an excerpt from the book. I can tell you the book is fiction but can’t find a genre that really fits. I may have to make up my own.

There are several short stories on this site, and there will be more. I have taken to writing for various websites that provide both writing exercises and competitions. I love the challenge and so far I’ve never been without ideas. (I’m knocking on wood)

It’s hard to believe how much fun I’m having. Stay with me, beat me up and make me work hard and help me become a better writer…


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