A Bit of Advice

I'm a famous writerI am presently writing a novel and just completed a short story. My writing is quite amateurish and still well in its infancy. I have no doubt in my mind it will require substantial edits and revisions before I can consider it to be of any value. I am absolutely enjoying myself in this new endeavor and find the entire process reminiscent of high school and a beloved English teacher who enjoyed brutally destroying all of my prose. Her purpose was to make me challenge myself and use new ideas and concepts to bring a subject to life.

At one time or another we have all been the victim of unsolicited advice that simply didn’t impress us at the time. I am finding myself at the mercy of anyone who considers themselves knowledgeable about literature. Some of the advice is very good, and some is not so good. In the course of all of the various attempts by friends and family to turn me into Hemmingway, I am beginning to appreciate the fact that every single bit of advice I have received so far has proven to be amazingly useful. I learn more and more about the craft each day and advice I may initially think to be useless can be exactly what I’m looking for in the evolution of my stories.

snoopy writing - 24kbSo I want to thank all of the literary friends who have given me an insight into the unfathomable depths of the written word, those who have shown me the unlimited aspects of storyline and imagination and introduced me to a world of authors I have never before read. I only hope I can create stories and pull imagination into enjoyable writing for those close to me to enjoy.

It is my hope to use this sight to give my friends a taste of the story telling I enjoy and hopefully their comments and advice will give me more insight than I have now.


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