This is an update of the Samhain Publishing Ltd survival drama. The intrigue began earlier this year when Dan D’Auria, their well-respected horror editor, suddenly went missing. The decisions have …


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  1. grolfe says:

    Hey, Christine.
    Hope things are well for you in the rest of your life. Sorry to hear that your Samhain experience was so troublesome these last few months. I know that they wanted to keep the horror side alive even as close as last summer, but the honest part is that the horror line was not selling. Even with adverts and named authors, the only way the company was going to survive its horror miscalculations was to go back to being romance-only (Which is what they started as).
    The bummer is that a lot of great writers are now homeless (in the publishing sense). Although horror is popular on TV, and there are a great amount of indie horror publishers right now, the genre is in a bit of a low point sales-wise across the board. Whether that’s from the mass amounts of mediocre self-published works filling the water or just that the real world is full of too much horror, it definitely isn’t due to lack of quality stories and storytellers out there. That’s the one thing Don was able to gather in his time with Samhain. But even Don is having trouble finding a new home. Horror lit is in a low right now. These things tend to come and go in cycles. I have faith that it will come back around (sooner than later).
    I’m happy to hear that you’re hard at work on more pieces, and that you plan on going forward. Just live and learn.
    Keep your head held high and keep tapping those keys.


    • Glad to hear from you Glenn. I know you are writing and working in the horror genre, and I hope things do pick up for you and the other authors. I understand the reasons Cris discontinued the line, and the problem with profits. I agree that the industry does have its ups and downs, but I also know there were some real issues with international sales and overall, some poor management decisions. I’m going in a different direction with my writing now. I wish you and all the other horror authors the very best in the future. Thank you very much for your comments. Talk to you soon.

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